Chefbeatz has claimed his position as Calgary’s very own trifecta of AfroSwing. As an artist who produces and song writes, Chef is pioneering a sound the world didn’t know it was missing. Born in Bo Town, Sierra Leone, Chef travelled through Western Africa – Guinea, Ghana, and the Ivory Coast before making Cow Town the last stop on that journey.

Chef masterfully mixes his African roots with his western ties by fusing together Hip-Hop /R&B/ Pop and traditional West African sounds, this evolution and unique integration of cultures resulted in Afro Swing’s hottest new sound.

From Jazzy melodies to traditional African sounds that ride the familiar sounds Hip-Hop percussions – it is safe to say that Chef is more than willing to push the boundaries of music production as a story teller who explores from depth and movement – and everything in between.

Chef has been particularly busy as of late; producing local Calgary afrobeat artist Shafluss’s hit single “The Game”, “Story Keepers" a video series exploring personal stories relating to Black history in Alberta – a joint production by Glenbow Museum and Afrikadey! Arts & Culture Society, his own “Sun Lark”; an audio/visual experience and "Find Move Love" a collaborative EP with Kelly Besd.

Chef plans to release an Extended Play (EP) concept album – it will feature a number of artists he has worked with; showcasing talent and telling a very unique narrative.

Sun Lark EP (All Platforms)
Instagram: @chefbeztzz
Twitter: @chefbeatzz
YouTube: Sun Lark Dance Video